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Registration of Events on the Calendar

This Calendar lists forthcoming events operated within the public sector and by not for profit industry organisations. It is provided free of charge as a community service.

The owners and operators of any websites on which the Calendar appears (the publishers) accept no responsibility for any error or omission in publishing or not publishing information provided to them for placement on the Calendar.

The decision as to whether, when and how to publish material is entirely at the discretion of the publishers who may reproduce the information in any form they choose, including print, email and internet.

In lodging material for publication you warrant that you have the legal right to represent the entity conducting the event and that in all respects, including copyright and the absence of legal proceedings or injunctions in relation to conduct of the event, the entity named as conducting the event has the unfettered right to conduct the event and has complied with all legal requirements, including public insurance, in relation to it.

In lodging material for publication you warrant that you are doing so on behalf of the entity named as conducting the event and on its behalf you indemnify us in respect of all claims however arising as a result of its publication, including error by us in transcribing or amending what you have lodged. You further agree that you and the entity are jointly and severally liable in respect of this indemnity.

In lodging material for publication you warrant that:

  • The event concerned is related to roads and/or road transport;
  • The event concerned is to be conducted by a government agency, government trading enterprise or incorporated not for profit industry association (eligible user);
  • If the event concerned is managed by a contractor or agent on behalf of an eligible site user, all income in relation to the event is collected in the name of the eligible site user and the majority of the proceeds accrues to the eligible site user. (Events which are merely sponsored or endorsed by eligible site users in return for the use of their name will not normally meet this condition.)